Sunday, 16 October 2011

Style on a Sunday: I Feel Pretty

So, do you remember last week when I went on and on about this dress from LOVE? Well, I found a similar dress from Rare and it arrived this week and I wore it last night and it's amazing.
Dress: Rare, Skirt (worn underneath): H&M, Belt: Mark & Spencer, Shoes: New Look, 
Necklace: Claire's Accessories, Bag: Matalan, Ring: VIPXO

I wore this for the wedding reception of one of Ryan's relatives and I just felt so pretty in this outfit, you know when something just makes you feel good? The only problem with the dress is that it's super short so I had to wear a stretchy black skirt underneath, but I really don't think you can tell, and this one was only about £3 (you can get it for £1.99 online). Apart from that the dress is exactly what I wanted, and I found this belt in the M&S Outlet and the necklace in Claire's (I know, but it's nice right?), then teamed it with one of my favourite bags, which you can't fit anything in. Perfect.

What do you think of the 'mullet hem' trend? Would you have styled this dress differently?


chrissssie said...

Reallly love this dress, looks gorgeous on lady. Going to check it out now :)
Christie xo

DibDabs said...

pretty dress! I can not believe that necklace is from claires, dead lush, I never normally pop into claires, normally associating it with young kids getting their ears pierced in the shop window....but with necklaces like that may have to go back to claires!

daisychain said...

that dress is stunning!

Laura said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!

DibDabs: If I'm after something specific I always try to look in Claire's because sometimes they have really simple necklaces and bracelets. They have a lot of tat but there were a few necklaces I really liked in there!

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