Monday, 21 November 2011

The Muppets by O.P.I

I love The Muppets and am so excited for the new film to be released, even though it isn't released in the UK until February 2012. When I heard that O.P.I had released a Muppets inspired line of varnishes I thought I had to treat myself, and because O.P.I is such good quality the full size pots are around the £10 mark, but this set of four mini-varnishes was only £12.95 from ASOS and I think it's probably cheaper elsewhere.

In the mini-set you get Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi!, Designer... de Better! and Warm and Fozzie. These four colours give you a great idea of what the collection is all about, as it varies from deep, strong colours to sparkly polishes perfect for a night out.
Clockwise from top left: Wocka Wocka, Excuse Moi!, Warm and Fozzie, Better!

For my first try I went for Better! as it looks quite understated while also having a hint of sparkle (and we all know I love a bit of sparkle). The colour built up quickly, and I only used two coats here (apologies for the awful photo, how do people get these to look good?) and was really pleased with the result. It's a silvery-coloured polish with reddy-pink glitter, but it has a really smooth finish. I haven't even put a top coat on these because my clear polish has gone all gooey.

I'm looking forward to using Excuse Moi! over the festive season as it will be the perfect accompaniment to a party dress. I'm also looking forward to using Warm and Fozzie as I don't have any polishes this colour, and I think it will go well with my leopard faux fur coat when it gets chilly out. The rest of the collection looks amazing, and I wish I could buy everything! The only other polish I'm really tempted to buy is Rainbow Collection, which I saw used on llymlrs and fell in love with - so many sparkles!

What do you think of O.P.I polishes and their special collections? Do you have any of The Muppets polishes?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Perfume and Me

As I get older I feel like perfume becomes more important and the Miss Dior Cherie is on my Christmas list. Not only is Natalie Portman the face of the advertising campaign, it smells amazing and the bottle is lovely, a perfect fit for my dressing table.

Before falling in love with this scent I've been using Gucci Guilty, which is my go-to evening/night out perfume, I have no idea how to even describe perfume, but I know that I don't like overwhelming floral tones and I much prefer a fresh scent to something too heavy.

One thing I've noticed about both of these is that their launches were both accompanied by TV advertising campaigns featuring actors that I like and with very distinct "looks". Gucci Guilty launched with Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans taking the lead roles in the Frank Miller directed commercial, and Miss Dior has been gracing our television screens with a commercial directed by Sofia Coppola. Did I only want these perfumes because of the advertising campaign? I guess I'll never know, but I do think I've been more inclined to try them instore because I've remembered the adverts. There's hundreds of perfumes out there and just not enough time to smell them all, so I think the campaigns that draw me in are the ones I'm more likely to buy (or ask for as presents). For example, the Chanel (I think it's Chanel) ads with Keira Knightley just don't grab me, and I probably won't bother trying the perfume the next time I see it, even though it's Chanel and it's a classic.

What perfume is your favourite? Do you think you're drawn in by the advertising campaigns like I am?

Gucci Guilty:

Miss Dior:

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lust-have #10: Sparkly Shoes

All from Topshop
Maybe it's because I'm quite a girly girl at heart, maybe it's because I like making a mess or maybe it's because I have an unhealthy obsession with Dorothy's ruby reds but I have always loved glitter. Glitter pens were an all time favourite purchase of mine and I would create works of art with them for hours before I got bored and realised that instead of the paper my hands were all sparkly.

Recently I've noticed an amazing trend which I am lusting whole-heartedly: sparkly shoes. They come in all different shapes and heel heights, there's tall ones, flat ones, loafers and lace ups, though I think my favourites are the chelsea boots.

A few weeks ago I received a £20 voucher from Topshop as a reward for taking part in surveys at, but everything in Topshop is just so expensive, that I'd have to spend way over the £20 to buy anything decent. However, the Topshop Maccoy Glitter Chelsea Boots have stolen my heart, and at £36 they're not too expensive. I'm not 100% sure on the quality but they're glittery boots, I won't exactly be wearing them all the time, only for extra special days when only the sparkliest of boots will do. I'm hoping I can find them in store soon and spend this voucher as it's burning a hole in my purse!

Do you like the sparkly shoe trend? Better still, do you own a pair? Show me your shoes!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Trip to Liverpool

Ryan and I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week in Liverpool, with our main intention being to see the WWE TV tapings for Raw and Smackdown. I forgot my camera, so my plans to do outfit posts alongside what we did has gone out the window, but I still want to blog about it, because

We arrived on the Monday and headed to a Wetherspoons (this became a recurring feature of the trip) to wait until we could check in to our Travelodge room. Once we'd checked in and had got changed we went to Pizza Hut for tea, we chose to get a half and half pizza and my goat's cheese and caramelised onion half was delicious. Again, once we finished, we were a bit early to go to the Echo Arena, so we went to Wetherspoons (a different one this time) for a quick drink, before we headed over. It took a while for us to get in, but eventually we were sat with an amazing view, and completely overexcited that we might be on the telly! The matches we saw were really good, and it was really fun to be part of the crowd, a definite highlight was getting to see John Morrison against Dolph Ziggler - and he won!! After the show we got some snacks from Tesco and headed back to the hotel.

On Tuesday, I wanted to have a look round the shops, sorry Leeds but your Primark just doesn't compare with Liverpool's, so we headed into town and Ryan went to look round his shops and I went to look round mine. I picked up a gorgeous bird print dress (which will appear in an outfit post soon) and tried on a couple of other dresses, which were really nice, but I just wasn't sure I'd wear them that often. I then went over to New Look to look for some new boots, my trusty ones from Next are starting to split at the heel, and I realised that I have giant calves, and only one pair of boots fit me (luckily they were nice!), so they were purchased.

After shopping I met one of my best friends for lunch, we went to uni together and lived with each other for the three years I was there, and now she (being super clever and awesome) is doing a second degree in dentistry, so is still in Liverpool for a while. I was so so happy to see her, and we went to Cafe Rouge for a good ol' catch up. We both had a salmon version of a croque monsieur which was absolutely incredible. So yummy. After another quick look round the shops we went to the Thorntons cafe for hot chocolate and cake and more chats, and when she headed home I went to meet Ryan and his friend Ted to get ready for Smackdown!

Again, we had amazing seats, but overall, I prefer more wrestlers on Smackdown than Raw, so it was amazing to see them all live. Highlights definitely included whenever Randy Orton was on stage *swoon* and seeing Sheamus and Christian. When we watched Smackdown on TV yesterday we also saw that my Randy Orton sign was focussed during his entrance! Eek! How exciting is that?!

Wednesday was all about a big cooked breakfast and the longest train journey back, but we got home, cuddled the cats and caught up on some TV ready to go back to work on Thursday.

Do any of my followers like WWE? Did you go to any of the live shows? We had an amazing time so I hope anyone else did too!

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Lazy Girl's Skincare Regime

As part of my blog I've thought more and more about branching into 'Beauty' posts, and I did write this one a few weeks ago, but as I was about to write a review of the Lush moisturiser I've been using recently I wondered how I could possibly give it a fair review as I always forget to use it, even though it's been making my skin feel lovely a soft, i don't use it properly.

Since I was little I've suffered with dry skin and eczema, and ever since I can remember I've been utterly useless at looking after my skin. I always moisturise my skin after a shower, but as I only wash my hair every other day that hardly ever works out as every night. When I buy a new product I use it loads, morning and evening, every single day, but after a while the novelty wears off and I go back to forgetting to take my mascara off and leaving my skin alone.

This morning I noticed that my skin has started to get more dry and look more red, I'm guessing due to the cold, and I was so frustrated at myself for not looking after it more. I've had a stressful week with my theory test (which I passed - woo!) and a busy one at work before three days off this week and my skin has once again slipped to the back of my mind.

Basically, I don't know how to change. I have always been the same, and even though I'm 22, I feel like I'm never going to be able to sort out this bad habit. I'm always so tired on an evening, so I'm thinking maybe I take off my makeup and moisturise as soon as I get in from work? Maybe that will make it better?

So yeah, I'm sat here, frustrated and begging for some advice? How do you keep skincare as a number one priority when life tried to take over?

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