Friday, 17 June 2011

Lust-have #3: Coloured Trousers

This week has been thoroughly hectic, but I'm back and ready to blog about my latest style obsession: coloured trousers. Since posting my most recent Style on a Sunday post I have been toying with the idea of adding more trousers to my wardrobe. I have a confession to make: I only own one pair of jeans, one pair of casual trousers and one pair of work trousers, the rest of the time I live in tights or leggings. However, brightly coloured denim and soft pinky hues in chinos are pulling on my heartstrings and I'm very tempted to spend my hard earned cash on something I've never considered a wardrobe essential.

It seems to me that coloured denim or coloured chinos could slip nicely into my weekend and working week wardrobes (I really don't enjoy mixing the two normally, is that weird?) and help me in my quest to become a little more professional and maybe a little more grown up looking (no more bubble-hemmed skirts for me). To me they scream Parisian cool with a hint of cheekiness and when I see people wearing a bright red pair of jeans or pink chinos I instantly think they stand out from the crowd, and not that I necessarily want to do that, but sometimes it's nice for your outfit to say "Look At Me!", right?

So, as usual, here are some fabulous examples of people standing out from the crowd:

The lovely Chloe rocking some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G bright red chinos - if I saw her in the street I would be staring and she would probably be scared.

This is just so effortlessly cool. I have my eye on a pair of pink chinos from Primark, I tried them on a few weeks ago but didn't think the fit was right in a 16, so going to maybe look at trying the 18 and wearing a belt. Will have to see!

Yellow denim and Hello Kitty - what more is there to say? Oh right, there's SEQUINS too. I am in love.

Do you like coloured trousers? Have you been rocking the look? Let me know what you think and link me to your outfits!


Jasmin said...

I love coloured trousers, I think they're a great way to pick up on the colour blocking trend and really make a statement. I'm loving reds and barbie pinks at the moment, I think they're surprisingly easy to dress up or down too. Zara definitely have some gorgeous options in store x

Laura said...

Completely agree! Will have to have a looksie in Zara :) x

Winnie said...

You know I own a lot of jeans but I only really wear a few pairs because I live in skirts/dresses! I do like the coloured variations of trousers we have on the high street at the moment. Very tempting.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love those red ones! I have some yellow pants I can't wait to wear :)

Laura said...

Winnie, I'm exactly the same! I'd love to own more, but I find my hips/waist don't get on well with high street sizes. Hoping now I'm on the lookout I'll stumble across some nice pairs eventually.

Alycia, be sure sure to post a photo - I'd love to see!x

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