Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Trip to Liverpool

Ryan and I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week in Liverpool, with our main intention being to see the WWE TV tapings for Raw and Smackdown. I forgot my camera, so my plans to do outfit posts alongside what we did has gone out the window, but I still want to blog about it, because

We arrived on the Monday and headed to a Wetherspoons (this became a recurring feature of the trip) to wait until we could check in to our Travelodge room. Once we'd checked in and had got changed we went to Pizza Hut for tea, we chose to get a half and half pizza and my goat's cheese and caramelised onion half was delicious. Again, once we finished, we were a bit early to go to the Echo Arena, so we went to Wetherspoons (a different one this time) for a quick drink, before we headed over. It took a while for us to get in, but eventually we were sat with an amazing view, and completely overexcited that we might be on the telly! The matches we saw were really good, and it was really fun to be part of the crowd, a definite highlight was getting to see John Morrison against Dolph Ziggler - and he won!! After the show we got some snacks from Tesco and headed back to the hotel.

On Tuesday, I wanted to have a look round the shops, sorry Leeds but your Primark just doesn't compare with Liverpool's, so we headed into town and Ryan went to look round his shops and I went to look round mine. I picked up a gorgeous bird print dress (which will appear in an outfit post soon) and tried on a couple of other dresses, which were really nice, but I just wasn't sure I'd wear them that often. I then went over to New Look to look for some new boots, my trusty ones from Next are starting to split at the heel, and I realised that I have giant calves, and only one pair of boots fit me (luckily they were nice!), so they were purchased.

After shopping I met one of my best friends for lunch, we went to uni together and lived with each other for the three years I was there, and now she (being super clever and awesome) is doing a second degree in dentistry, so is still in Liverpool for a while. I was so so happy to see her, and we went to Cafe Rouge for a good ol' catch up. We both had a salmon version of a croque monsieur which was absolutely incredible. So yummy. After another quick look round the shops we went to the Thorntons cafe for hot chocolate and cake and more chats, and when she headed home I went to meet Ryan and his friend Ted to get ready for Smackdown!

Again, we had amazing seats, but overall, I prefer more wrestlers on Smackdown than Raw, so it was amazing to see them all live. Highlights definitely included whenever Randy Orton was on stage *swoon* and seeing Sheamus and Christian. When we watched Smackdown on TV yesterday we also saw that my Randy Orton sign was focussed during his entrance! Eek! How exciting is that?!

Wednesday was all about a big cooked breakfast and the longest train journey back, but we got home, cuddled the cats and caught up on some TV ready to go back to work on Thursday.

Do any of my followers like WWE? Did you go to any of the live shows? We had an amazing time so I hope anyone else did too!

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