Monday, 12 December 2011

My Winter Survival Kit

I've never been good in cold weather, come to think of it I'm not great in hot weather either, but the minute I get cold I stay cold, and find it really difficult to warm back up. In changeable weather like what we're experiencing at the moment, it's important for me to have my 'Winter Survival Kit', I know most people think of shovels, fresh water and antifreeze when you think about a winter kit, but mine is a bit different.

My survival kit is all about keeping warm and on my two feet, I have a dreadful habit of slipping over at a spot of rain or ice, and I often sit shivering inside for half an hour after I get in because I haven't worn enough layers. So these are my essential items which come with me everywhere when it's cold.

The Faux Fur Coat
Coat: River Island

My mum bought me this coat two Christmas' ago and it is my favourite piece of kit for winter, it is so warm but because it doesn't fasten at the front, if you get a bit too warm it's really easy to cool down (I often have this problem commuting as you go from being cold on the station to boiling hot on the train). 

The Fingerless Gloves
Gloves: H&M

I seem to buy a new pair of these every year as I always lose one of them. I don't know how people wear gloves now we use mobile phones all the time, but these fingerless ones leave my fingers free for texting, but I can still pull them over my fingertips if needed - perfect.

The Animal Hat
Hat: River Island

I think there was a point last year when I hated these hats... not anymore. It rules. It is warm, it is versatile and most of all it's utterly adorable. It really does keep me warmer than any other hat I have ever owned.

The Welly Boots
Boots: Hunter, Mud: Local park where my parents walk the dogs

I'm pretty firmly against wearing wellies as everyday shoes, they are for dog walking, festivals, and probably most importantly: extreme weather conditions. I love knowing I have a great pair of welly boots just waiting to help me in the snow and ice, or to get me through a particularly rainy day.

What are your winter essentials?


Anonymous said...

I really need a new pair of wellies - am hoping I can snaffle some Hunters in the sales...unlikely but it's always good to be optimistic!

hopes and fears said...

Loving the coat :)

Rachel Phipps said...

I love big furry coats like that, I don't know what I'd do without mine!

MJ said...

Brrr. I have my own little kit like this too - I feel the cold so badly!

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