Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Coyne-Operated Culture: Beauty and the Beast

Photo by Bill Cooper from

Last week I headed off to the Grand Opera House in Leeds to watch the Northern Ballet perform Beauty and the Beast. As I have previously mentioned, I am a big fan of ballet, and it was great to see a production I haven't seen before, either live or on television.

I really really enjoyed the evening, the set and costumes trod a fine line between modern and traditional which really complimented the slightly more contemporary style of dance. I recently watched some of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and personally, I dislike how modern the choreography is, Beauty and the Beast maintained the beauty of traditional ballet while adding modern twists which I felt made it more accessible to the modern audience.

This was my first Northern Ballet experience, but it hopefully won't be my last, I had a great time and felt very Christmassy afterwards!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, I'm still off work so I'm now just savouring the huge amounts of sleep I can have and all the time I can spend with Ryan.

P.S. It's a week until my birthday! Eek!


laurdows said...

Glad you enjoyed it :)
Laur x

WOLF359 said...

I love ballet! I hope you had a merry Christmas

Anne from WOLF359

Michelle of The Feather Den said...

I think ballet is so beautiful and inspiring but I've never seen one before! This looks like it was stunning.

x Michelle |

ellie B said...

I love the ballet too! I'm so glad I found your blog, it's right up my street :)

e x

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