Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Charity Shop Cardi

Oh look, it's that dress again.
Dress: Clothing at Tesco, Cardigan: Next via Charity Shop, Leggings: New Look, Boots: Next

I love this dress, it's bright and summery, but a nice shade of pink for the autumn months as well and when I found this cardigan at the weekend I knew they'd be a good match.

There's a charity shop in our village which we try and go into whenever we're near but I've never bought anything, there's not a lot of clothes choice and my dreams of finding amazing dresses are scuppered on every visit. I once found an amazing maroon top which I thought would have been perfect for work and play, but unfortunately I had no money and was too proud (yeah, really) to ask Ryan for some change. That top will forever remain the one that go away.

This cardi is originally from Next and is a lovely fabric and a good fit. I've worn it buttoned today to give this dress a different shape, but I think it will work open as well. Good find I think.

What have you found in charity shops recently?


Chloe said...

Cardi's are always great finds in charity shops. I found an Oasis dress recently with the tag still on it for a fiver. I bought it just because of that, but it was two sizes to big haha.

C x

Fiona said...

Ooh, that cardi looks like a lovely find! I need to get myself some cosy cardis for the wintery weather to come.

Sadly, I never visit charity shops anymore. Where I used to live, I had access to quite a few, but here, there aren't very many.
I did once find a gorgeous crochet cardigan from Monsoon with sequins & beads on the front which was pretty cheap. It was very pretty, but I never did get round to wearing it!

Fiona x

SH said...

super cute pics.

Please take a minute and visit my blog :)

Amber said...

I look through Goodwill every so often, but never find anything I absolutely LOVE. I'm always on the hunt for very specific pieces, so it's hard for me to find anything at charity shops, but every once in a while I find a nice cashmere sweater, or something.

I like your cardigan; you're right it does fit well! Lovely :)

Tiny Bow Blogger said...

that cardi is lovely! I can never find good stuff in charity shops :( x

Laura said...

Thanks all for the lovely comments. I think how lucky you are in charity shops depends on where they are. I never find much in the one near me but I live in a small village... I assume ones in city centres might have better stock?! I don't know though, I'm new to the second-hand thing!xx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Great cardi, you can never have too many. I can hardly think of an outfit that I wear that doesn't feature a charity shop cardigan.

sparkles on the runway said...

I love charity shop finds :)
I reacently found some brilliant ones, including a Dior scarf.

Check it out at my blog? I'm totally new as a blogger.

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