Friday, 12 August 2011

Coyne-Operated Cookery: Nectarine Crumble

I realised this week that I had some nectarines in the fridge that I'd had for about a week and were going a bit soft. They looked fine, no mould or anything, so I asked Twitter what I should do and the lovely Alex suggested a crumble. I googled a recipe and then kind of made it up as I went along but it turned out really well! I'm sure this would work pretty similarly with peaches too, but maybe double check some recipes before you try.

You will need:
- Nectarines (I used 4, but I think 5 or 6 would be good as mine is crumble-heavy)
- Lemon juice
- Honey
- 225g flour
- 100g butter
- 100g demerara


...and that's it! It's really simple. You then have the optional instruction of sitting in front of the oven for 30-50 minutes at 200°C watching it turn golden brown or you could go and do something productive with your time, like the washing up.


When it's all golden and the fruit is all bubbly take it out of the oven and maybe leave it to cool down for a bit...? I don't know, I panicked that the fruit was burnt and so cut my piece straight away. It hadn't burnt so I ate it.


I'd recommend serving with custard, cream or vanilla ice cream. All we had was a scoop of the chocolate from a Neopolitan, which was surprisingly nice. I didn't take a photo though, as I was slightly embarrassed. Have a nice photo of my enormous serving:


Let me know if you try it, or link me to your favourite recipes!


Alex said...

Ah I'm glad it turned out well! I love crumble - so easy to make and it always tastes gorgeous. Try using some ground almonds in the topping mixture. YUM!

Laura said...

Me too! I've never made a crumble for, so I think ti was a good first attempt :) mmm almonds sounds delicious!

Catanya said...

Mmmm, so yummy! I definitely need to try this recipe! I will let you know how it turns out! Thanks so much for sharing!
from a new reader here,

Laura said...

Hi Catanya, thanks for following! Glad you enjoyed the recipe :) I hope it goes well when you try it! I hope to be including some more recipes from now on as well!x

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