Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I'm crushing on you... Grace Woodward


You probably know her from Britain's Next Top Model, or maybe from the X Factor, but to me she is the ultimate fashion icon. Grace Woodward is quickly becoming one of my biggest style crushes, and although I may not like every single piece of clothing she chooses, I still love it because it's all her.


When I first thought about writing this post (ok, last night) I wondered if there were any interviews I could read to give me an idea of what inspires Grace and what makes her so creative an individual, and I found this gem on the guardian website, in it she discusses styling for The X Factor, her views on the fashion industry as a whole and what gets her creative juices flowing. Aside from her amazing wardrobe she speaks very intelligently about a whole host of issues, such as the weight of models and interns in the fashion industry - she is someone who you love or hate when you see her on shows like BNTM, but she is very articulate and just has strong opinions, and I have a huge amount of respect for that.

Recently watching BINTM (Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model) I have become more and more inspired by Grace's outfits, and I know I'm not the only one, Jen and I have exchanged tweets about how much we are loving her style. Her ability to mix prints, to absolutely rock bright pink eyeshadow, and the way she carries beautifully draped fabrics all contribute to my love for her (her awesome glasses help to). One thing that I also realised that makes her so relateable and so likeable is her 'normal' looks. I think she's stunning, but she has glossy brown hair which is cut in a relatively 'normal' style and although her makeup can be bright, it is done in a 'real life' way. It's not all about unattainable looks, her hair, makeup and clothes can easily inspire a casual weekend look or a going out 'party' look.


I know I've been gushing, but you know, I love her. The end.

Images from ahlanlive.com, guardian.co.uk and fridja.com


Jen said...

I love her for these exact reasons! She looks like a normal girl. She rocks her glasses. She's a regular size. And she always looks amazing - unique, stylish and fashionable. Love her!

Kath x said...

The glasses are damn hot! She's a very attractive lady, and it's always nice to see a girl who can work her personality through her wardrobe. I think I'm crushing too!

Check out my blog! :)


Lots of love x

Eloise said...

I loved/admired/sort of swooned over her until this week when she sort of angered me.
"Would you throw yourself out of a window"

I don't even know why this made me angry but it did!


Ceri-Ann said...

I love Grace Woodward, she is basically the whole reason I watch BINTM. I love how she even looks fantastic next to Elle which I can't imagine most people doing!

Laura said...

So glad I'm not the only one who's loving her style! :)

Alex said...

I don't always like what she's wearing (bit too outrageous sometimes for my taste) but I do pretty much always like her accessories, hair and makeup. Plus, compared to Elle she's winning by a mile. Elle is wearing some horrendously tacky stuff this series.

carling said...

I just discovered your blog and LOVE IT!:)

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