Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Mature Pink

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Jumper: Next, Top (worn underneath): Next, Jeans: New Look, Jacket: Next, 
Shoes: New Look, Necklace: Forever 21, Scarf: Forever 21, Nails: Models Own Coral Reef

This jumper arrived yesterday from Next (I ordered on Saturday night, what amazing service!) and I couldn't wait to wear it today. Although now I have realised it is a fluff-spreading jumper which is determined to make my home and workplace pink, I think that maybe wearing it wasn't such a good idea.

I felt quite ladylike in this outfit, I love this pink colour, it's quite mature for a pink, I think.


Eloise said...

loving the scarf. Mine are starting to make an appearance with all this chilly weather!

Harriet said...

I absolutely love the colour of that jumper! Such a shame it's a bitty one though - I really wish more manufacturers would realise that I don't actually want my clothes to shed everywhere!

But maybe after a few washes it will be better?

Laura said...

Thanks for the comments! :)

Eloise - I've been wearing a scarf and jacket every day this week, it has got so chilly!

Harriet - Thank you, I really want it in all the colours they do, it's such a nice fit. I completely agree! I'm not sure what to do to prevent it. One of my friends suggested putting it in cold water before I wash it, so might try that over the weekend. And hopefully some washes will help too!xx

Hanna said...

I jonestly have problems with next. there is nothing in there that EVER fits me. . allthough there is a pair of boots there at the moment. . haha. I love both the jacket and the jumper! alsooo I have just nominated you for the versatile blogger award, more details on my blog

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