Thursday, 14 July 2011

Coyne-Operated Culture: Sonisphere

As you may or may not have realised I disappeared from civilisation last week and entered the 'festival bubble', a place where I often wear hairbands, denim shorts and wellies while eating too many carbs, and oh how I love it. I haven't been to a festival in a few years mainly because I haven't been able to justify the every increasing prices, but this year Sonisphere held at Knebworth tempted me, and I'm very glad it did.


Sonisphere is regarded as a Metal/Rock festival and headliners in previous years have included Metallica, Rammstein and Iron Maiden. Thinking about it, it's really not my 'thing', I love a lot of Rock music but Metal? Nuh-uh. It's all a bit too loud and chuggy for my liking, but Ryan is a big fan so I end up listening to quite a bit in his car. I decided to go to Sonisphere this year because Biffy Clyro (my all time favourite band) were headlining and a few of my other faves including Bill Bailey and Weezer were announced to further justify the ticket price. One thing that concerned me though, is that I'm not the typical attendee of a Metal festival and I wondered if people would people look at me funny? Would I feel like the odd one out?  But, no, I felt more than welcome whichever band I was watching, whether it was one of my favourites or someone I'd never heard of before and the whole weekend was really enjoyable. So I would like to tell you all about the highlights of my weekend:

My Top 3 Bands of Sonisphere

Biffy Clyro


I guess from what I just said you could guess they would be number one, and they definitely didn't disappoint me, I really enjoyed their set, it was a good mix of songs from the new album and amazing older songs as well. They had some AMAZING pyro which helped cement them as a British band who are good enough and successful enough to headline any festival.

Song of the set: Machines - a chandelier of light-bulbs descended around Simon Neil while he sang Machines by himself, it was a pretty magical way to hear one of my favourite songs.



I've always liked Weezer, and was looking forward to seeing them live, they performed a set of songs everyone knows and it was a great singalong in the sunshine! They seemed to really enjoy the set and I always think it's important to see a band enjoying themselves on set.

Song of the set: Say It Ain't So - everyone was singing along with the booming chorus of this fantastic festival tune. Loved every minute.

Bill Bailey


I have rewatched every Bill Bailey DVD multiple times and have been able to see him live once and he is one of the funniest comedians working at the moment. He did a good mix of songs and stand up with a couple of videos thrown in for the fun.

Song of the set: A cover of Gary Numan's Cars sung in French with an accompanying video. Utterly perfect, despite the heavy downpours.

So, as I'm sure you can tell I loved every minute of Sonisphere - did you go? Have you been to a festival this year? Tell me all about it!

Images all from Sonisphere Festival on Facebook


Cherry said...

I would have loved to of gone to Sonisphere!

20thCgirl said...

I'm so jealous you got to see Bill Bailey - he's one of my favourite people ever! Unfortunately I haven't been to a festival this year but I'd love to do Glastonbury one day, even with all the rivers of mud!

Laura said...

He was amazing - if you ever get the opportunity to see him you won't be disappointed! Aw yeah, Soni was pretty muddy this year but I just wore my wellies and was fine! :) x

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