Friday, 29 July 2011

A Trip to Forever 21


I've been quietly keeping my eye on Forever 21 for the past few months, I'd heard of them and seen American bloggers rave about them but even when they opened their Birmingham store and I realised I could buy online I still didn't make a purchase. When I heard about the new Oxford Street store opening I was very pleased that I was due to be in London visiting my parents and it was more than likely I could fit in a quick trip to the brand new store on opening day!


It was (as I'm sure you can imagine) heaving with people and as I got there mid afternoon some rails were already a little bare, but I squeezed my way through the people to try and get a good look at the pieces, and have a feel of anything I could get my hands on to get an idea of the quality. I didn't really know what to expect, all I knew was that the prices were pretty cheap (around the same mark as Primark) but looking around the styles and cuts looked like they could fit in well with Topshop. Most items I felt were good quality and nice fabrics, and although there were of course pieces I hated I was overall very impressed.

I was so tempted to buy the orange blazer (seen on the mannequin) - it was gorgeous!

I picked up a few goodies as well as a free necklace (thanks guys!) and promptly asked for some information on the store to share with you all from the Forever 21 PR team. I learnt that the store spans three floors (these were nicely spaced out, and clearly signposted at the escalators) and that they not only cater for women, but men and children too. You can become a Facebook fan here and follow on Twitter @Forever21.

I'd highly recommend having a look if you're in London (or Birmingham) as they had some great quality, on trend pieces for amazing prices. I wish I'd had some more time to look around and try some items on, as I'm unsure what size I'd need for shoes or trousers/skirts for ordering online, but I guess that just gives an excuse to go back. I'll be sharing my new purchases with you all soon!

Have you been to the Oxford Street Forever 21 store? Have you bought anything in store or online? Are you a fan of Forever 21?

Images provided by the Forever 21 PR team


beccacaddy said...

Thanks for posting photos of the interior, didn't know what to expect. I'm really glad it looks a little less "insane market stall" than Primark. Can't wait to go exploring! xx

Laura said...

You're welcome! I was the same, I had no idea what to expect at all, but even though it was really busy I was impressed, it was quite spacious, and everything was grouped nicely. The displays were really good as well - even though everything had got a little bit messy from the big opening day crowd! I hope you enjoy it and pick some nice things up!x

Alex said...

Oh I'm encouraged by what you say about the quality of the stuff. I find that Primark is getting steadily worse and worse so somewhere that manages to be cheap and decent quality intrigues me. Shall investigate next time I'm in Brum or London.

Ruby Girl said...

i regularly shop at f21 in Minneapolis. Love the edgy, trendy style and reasonable prices! <3

Rachel said...

Thanks for posting these pictures - I can't wait to go there next weekend now!

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Why dont I live closer to Landan. Have heard such amazing stuff about the new store, will definitely have ot o visit after reading this!

Helen, X

Amanda said...

I've been to F21 in New York and it is AMAZING! If not for the clothes you should visit just for the buzz of the place. I've also been to the F21 in Orlando, FL which I didn't feel was as good a NY but had some really reasonable price pieces. I've not been to the London as yet as Leeds its a bit of a trek but I love the F21Iphone App!

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