Monday, 18 July 2011

Me vs. Food

I love food. I love cooking, I love going to restaurants, I love being cooked for and I love eating a meal with people I love. All of this has resulted in a lovely relationship with food, however, food doesn't like my hips, bum or belly that much. It has this annoying habit of making me put on weight instantly due to my lazy nature.


A couple of years ago I did something about this and lost quite a bit of weight through the use of a food diary. Once I'd lost the weight I wanted to I stopped using the diary but continued to watch what I ate and weighed out food like pasta and rice to cut down on carbs. However, last July I moved in with Ryan and his parents and they fed me on really yummy home cooked food, and because of this great relationship I have with food I went with it because it just tasted so good! Now, I'm feeling a bit bigger and a bit more sluggish and would really like to get back down to a weight where I feel more comfortable.

My tactics include using to track the food I'm eating, I am also cutting down on the amount of bread and pasta I eat, weighing anything that I can't judge by eye (pretty much everything) and increasing the amount of exercise I do. Exercise and I have never got along, but whenever I do anything I really enjoy going to classes so I'm using Your Shape for Kinect and a couple of other exercise DVDs I have accumulated to try and ease myself into improving my fitness. Eventually I'd like to look for some classes to go to, but I don't have the money right now so will stick to exercising at home.

I don't own any scales so I'm not going to be monitoring my actual weight loss, but will be basing everything on how I feel and how my clothes feel (I have one skirt that I want to fit into desperately!). I will update the blog at points with my progress and if you are embarking on a similar journey, or are in the middle of a weight loss program I would love to hear from you!

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Jen said...

About 18 months ago I was working in Sheffield, too exhausted from the 80 mile round commute to exercise and living off huge lunches in the canteen. I put on about two stone and was really quite unhappy with my body, which is something that I've never felt before.

When I left my job I joined a gym and started eating more healthily. I tried a food diary and the various apps, but I never kept up with them and soon got bored. I've lost about a stone since I left that job and am now maintaining my weight by eating relatively healthily and running regularly. I think I'd like to lose another half a stone, but that will take extra work and at the moment, I'm being lazy! :)

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing, Jen! I know that weight can sometimes be a subject that noone wants to talk about, but I think it really helps to share stories with others, the fact that you have lost a stone is brilliant and very inspiring!

I really like keeping a food diary (even though it's a bit dull) just because it forces me to think about my portion sizes. I generally don't eat too unhealthily, I just eat far too much! My belly doesn't seem to tell me when to stop until it's too late and then I end up feeling sick, so weighing everything to keep track really helps me, and I end up feeling loads better!

I'm currently not sure whether to buy some scales so I can keep a track of my weight loss or not, because I absolutely HATE scales! :) x

invisible_squirrel said...

I LOVE food! I eat out at my favourite restaurants at least once a week, often twice a week! I also really enjoy cooking. I try not to think about calories and stuff like that, I just try to cook as healthily as possible without being boring!

Suzzie V said...

Hey, I don't know if you would be interested or not, but I am having a link party on my blog this Friday about setting health resolutions. I would love it if you would join! Good luck reaching your goals!!! said...

this sounds great, I did the tracking of food too on my iphone haha. but it's true that the good weight is not a number but howyou feel

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