Sunday, 10 July 2011

Style on a Sunday: Hair-style

I treated myself to a couple of hairbands in Primark last week and wanted to show them off for you. All were priced at around £2 and I think they're super cute. I'll hopefully be wearing them at Sonisphere as we speak, unless it's boiling hot and I will have bought a hat!


What do you think of hairbands? I find them really practical and they really add something to an outfit, I'm also a big fan of headscarves! Share your thoughts below!


Cherry said...

Really lovely hairbands!

chrissssie said...

Such a cute headband :)

Christie xo

Alex said...

Very cute! I especially like that second one. It's just so pretty.

Hilary Mae said...

I love the second especially but both are VERY cute! You pull them off so well!


Tiny Bow Blogger said...

I am in love with headbands!! They can complete an outfit so nicely.

Also, I have awarded you with the 'Best Blog' Award! Check it out here:


Lolo said...

Hey hun,
I forgot to reply to your comment about Black Crown tattoo - I'm really pleased you like Daves work! He's a lovely guy too. Let me know when you've got it all booked in and stuff!

I love your headband in the first photo! I wear head-scarves every now and then but headbands just don't work for me. I think I have a weird shaped head!


Laura said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

@Tiny Bow Blogger - Thank you, that's so nice of you!

@Lolo - I will keep you updated!!


AVY said...

I think they're very cute :)

/ Avy

Jantje said...

Looks great on you! I dont have the head for headbands ahahah :( Too bad cause there are many cute ones

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