Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Traditional Sunday Brunch

Me and Ryan recently bought a house, we moved in 2 and a bit months ago, and pretty much every Sunday since then Ryan has made us bacon sandwiches on a Sunday. Sometimes it's mid morning, sometimes it's lunchtime, but I like to think of it as Sunday brunch.


I know what you're thinking, that concoction above isn't a bacon sandwich, well, it's a bacon and cheese sandwich, and those are the best kind. Ryan changes how he makes these sandwiches every week, sometimes they'll be garlic-y, sometimes there is tomato sauce, sometimes barbecue sauce, but every week they're super yummy.

We didn't choose for this to be a 'thing', but it's become one, and now I really do love having my Sunday bacon sandwich for brunch, and it feels like it's something for us, a tradition.

What traditions do you have?


Harriet said...

Oh my looks delicious! Sunday Brunch is pretty much the best meal ever!

Rosie B said...

I hope you'll understand when I say that, to me, that looks repulsive... Sorry! It's nice to have little traditions though. Olli make us pancakes on the weekends sometimes, but it's not a tradition - we just like pancakes :)

bee. said...

Sounds like a mega yummy tradition!

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